About Us


Banca de Joburi is currently operating in 17 countries:
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Italy
- Greece
- Cyprus
- Canada
- Spain
- Sweden
- Denmark 
- Czech Republic
- Finland
- Kuwait
- Qatar
- Letonia
- Poland
- United States of America
- United Arab Emirates

And planning to expand in 5 more:
- Australia
- Belgium
- France
- Holland
- New Zealand

We are constantly recruiting and collaborating with agencies and companies from the following fields:
Medical Staff
Au Pair / Caregiver
Work and Travel
Cooks and Assistant Cooks


13 years experience in the recruitment field

16 employees

+1.200 partnerships with employers and recruitment agencies over time

+40 job fairs organized in the last 4 years 

+120 recruitment fields

6 legal employment schemes

+10.000 placed candidates in 17 countries

we recruit and place candidates on all experience levels

we recruit and place candidates from all eligible age groups

92% success rate in placing candidates, of which over 80% choose to prolong their contract

Why choose us?
After filling in the job recruitment form, BdJ takes over the recruitment process for you. All you need to do is select your preferred candidates.

National reach
With the opening of our franchise network, we can now recruit for even bigger projects.

Free extra services
Clients who opt for exclusivity with us receive additional services, free of charge.

Our services are flexible so that we can accommodate your specific recruitment needs.

Reduce expenses
Our recruitment services can help you reduce your staff recruitment costs.

Trust & Transparency
We attentively select both our partners, and our candidates in order to obtain quality and durable collaborations.

Work schemes
This is our basic procedure when working with a company or agency on staff recruitment projects:

- Tailoring our service for your needs
- Filling in our job recruitment form
- Skype conference
- Signing the Terms and Conditions contract for services
- Nationwide advertising for your vacancies
- Screening, interviewing and recruiting relevant candidates
- Final selection by BdJ
- Final selection by your company
- Selected candidates sign contract with your company
- Organizing departure of candidates
- 24/7 contact support for your company

Depending on your needs, this basic procedure can be elaborated to include other services.

Franchise network
In September 2013, Banca de Joburi launched it's nationwide franchise program, dedicated to bringing together a large recruitment network under the same brand. The decision came inherently due to the growing volume and scale of our projects, and it's number 1 priority is maintaining our quality standards throughout the franchise.

Being a Banca de Joburi franchisees has several advantages:
- Conceding of Know-how (the Operational Manual). All the offered elements include managerial, marketing and client psychology concepts, synthesized in a clear and concise manner.

- The right to use the Banca de Joburi brand.

- Consultancy from our specialists until opening day (we are open to answering any questions regarding the handed materials) at our offices, by phone, email or Skype video conference.

- Informational support for obtaining accreditation papers from the Labour Ministry.

- Consultancy at the franchisee’s office, after the firm becomes operational (free of charge).

- All materials needed for being active in the business.

- All juridical paperwork necessary for being active in the business, plus juridical support for compiling the necessary paperwork in various cases, plus consultancy and support during official thematic audits made regularly at recruitment agencies offices.

- Theoretical training of the franchisee's staff (free of charge, at the franchiser’s office – 2-3 days).

- Periodical evaluation of the franchisee's staff performances.

- Specific training for the Business Development Managers and Recruitment Coordinators, plus free of charge consultancy regarding legislation in the recruitment field.

- Ensuring total control over the business and employees. Activities are organized in precise and distinct stages, which allows employees to work correctly from the first day, and the employer to check up on their tasks.

- Professional website with administration facilities, plus integrated software platform (employee management, CV management, available jobs management, administration system with differentiated privileges for each employee, integrated invoicing and monitoring system, etc).

- Including of all the franchiser's recruitment projects in the franchise network, so that the franchisees can have access to recruitment projects from their first day of business. 

- The franchisee's right to develop their own recruitment projects, which can be included as joint projects in the franchisee network, for a good dynamic of the recruitment project and candidate selection process. 

- Short training period and quick business start – practically in 2 weeks franchisees can begin registering their first earnings.

- Permanent supervision from the franchiser in order to better performances, resolve juridical issues, evaluate franchisee and personnel performance, regular training for the franchisee's personnel etc.

- Regular meetings between all franchisees in order to better network performances, work procedures, discuss new recruitment procedures etc.

- Advantageous negotiations, for the whole network, of advertising packages. The franchiser negotiates and offers advertising packages to the franchisees, on a better rate they would obtain if they were negotiating individually.

- Constantly providing analysis, research, surveys and prognosis regarding the human resources field. We also offer juridical, technical and work optimizing support to all our franchisee's units.

- Invitations to national and international meetings and events to which Banca de Joburi participates.

- Visits from specialist teams at the franchisee's office, both at the franchisee's and franchiser's initiative, in order to optimize the franchisee's activity.

For more information about the franchise network, or for requesting an application form, write to us at info[at]bancadejoburi.ro for a full presentation pack.

Currently, our team consists of the following positions:

General Manager

Projects & Strategy Dept.
Business Development Managers
Projects Coordinators

IT Dept.
IT Manager

Marketing & PR Dept.
PR Officer

Administrative Dept.
Administrative Assistant