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Banca de Joburi is a recruitment agency headquartered in Brasov with 16 years experience in the Human resources field. Banca de Joburi recruits candidates all over Romania and the EU, offering them a large portfolio of work offers abroad.

Throughout our activity we have successfully placed over 10.000 candidates in various countries and fields, and have contracted over 1.000 partnerships with companies and recruitment agencies looking for staff.

Apart from job mediation, we offer you with consultancy and career orienting services, preparing all legal forms for obtaining necessary work permits in countries imposing restrictions and permanent monitoring on throughout the duration of your work contract, with a 24/7 support service. We also offer you with a wide range of work programs in attractive countries where access is difficult due to high competition between candidates, such as England, Germany and Italy.

Contact us to find your ideal work place! Together we are building your career!

Our services

We offer you 6 legal work schemes, in almost 20 countries!

We have 16 years expirience in placing workforce abroad

Interested in working abroad? Willing to learn and want to have maximum chances of success? Contact us for more information on our work offers! Specialized in a field? We can help you start a business abroad and offer companies your services. All legal, quick and effortless! We offer you helpful advice on CV optimization, employment file, adapting to the new workplace and full support for successfully passing employment interviews. There is no mediation fee on most of our work programs, but when there is you can chose to pay it from your first salary. Easy and comfortable!