Why you need us

Various problems encountered by the employers

  Banca de Joburi Solutions

The recruitment process is long and costly   We offer you professional solutions to save time and money
The labor market is constantly changing and the recruitment criteria must be adapted accordingly   We have daily contact with the labor market and we know the dynamics so we can optimize your job offer to make it more attractive to potential candidates
Publishing a professional employment announcement and distributing it on the channels that matter may be easier said than done   We will design a professional recruitment ad and we will professionally promote your vacancies
Potential candidates for the available jobs are not necessarily actively searching for a job   Banca de Joburi comes with a large database of candidates who can match the profile you need
The evaluation of applicants / CVs, their preliminary filtering, the evaluation of candidates takes a long time   We will make sure that you meet only the best candidates already evaluated by our team
Although you hired a candidate, you have no guarantee that he is really the one you want as an employee   We offer you a warranty period in which we will replace the person you choose if they do not meet your requests in addition, throughout the duration of the contract, you benefit from our 24/7 support
Because although you hired an eligible candidate, he can migrate to other companies or leaves the company for other reasons   We offer you specialized advice to increase retention

Banca de Joburi is one of the best-known recruitment and placement agencies both in the country and abroad, based in Brasov and with over 16 years experience in the field of human resources.
Banca de Joburi operates at national level, recruiting candidates from all cities in Romania, with a large database of eligible candidates in all areas of activity.
Our consultants manage the recruitment process with professionalism, tact, care and openness so that the success of the recruitment is quickly demonstrated by the candidate's work and, in the long run, proven by the value it adds to the employing company.
Our recruitment policy is based on the idea that the right employee, carefully selected by our agency, certainly increases productivity and therefore adds value to your company.