Additional services

To ease the transition to a new country, we offer you, free of charge, a series of additional services. We want you to adapt as promptly and as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on the new workplace. All these services are offered free of charge by Banca de Joburi.

Identifying international transportation
Our specialized Ticketing department organizes for you all the necessary formalities for a enjoyable, fast and efficient departure.

Identifying living accommodation
We offer support for identifying living accommodation for all the recruitment projects, so that you know all the relevant details from the beginning and you can calculate your budget.

Final orientation before departure
We pre-notify you of:
- Labor legislation abroad
- Rights and obligations
- Registration with certain authorities
- Conflict mediation at work
- Legal options for your children

Travel plan
We offer support for travel from the airport to the accommodation, either by organizing the transfer for candidates or by providing a detailed travel plan.

Local transport identification
We provide complete information on transportation from the place of accommodation to the workplace, so that the candidate knows all the small details of the workplace in advance.

Post-placement support
We offer support throughout the work / civil contracts to those who, for one reason or another, ask for support in various issues, provided that these issues are based on a real reason.

Emergency number 24/7
We provide emergency assistance throughout the duration of employment / civil contracts to all those who go to work abroad.