Payroll and personnel administration

We are aware that staff management requires time, trained employees and spending money. That is why we came up with solutions for outsourcing these services, making your life easier.
Through this service you will have the following benefits:
- You will reduce salary and staff costs
- You will neutralize the risks of errors in interpreting the legislation
- You will have the security of confidentiality and data security
- You will use your time more efficiently as you can focus your efforts on specific activities
- You will have access to a professional team dedicated to your needs
Personnel management services include:
- Registration of legal documents
- Drawing up of individual labor contracts, supplementary acts, contract termination / suspension decisions and their management
- Drawing up the organizational chart, job descriptions, internal regulations and the collective labor agreement
- Drawing up certificate of seniority and unemployment certificates or other similar certificates
- Manage meal vouchers
- Creation of certificates and staff documents - preparation of income certificates, bank, office, physician, hospital, contribution period, kindergarten and other similar certificates
- Implementation of changes in labor law
Payroll services include:
► Verification and processing of monthly timetables and all necessary data for the salary calculation
►  Checking sick leave certificates
► Salary calculation and generation of delivered documents: payroll, payroll slips, accounting
► Evidence of leave of absence
► Drawing up and submitting monthly statements to local authorities
► Calculation of taxes and contributions
► Drawing up specific reports
► Payroll issues advising
► Payroll outsourcing
► Checking the personnel files and the correctness of the documents related to the employment relationship
► Generate a report on the situation
► Proposal for a plan of measures to remedy the deficiencies
► Advice on the conclusion, modification, suspension and termination of individual labor contracts
► Advice on the specific clauses contained in the employment contract
► Elaboration of the organizational chart and job descriptions
► Consultancy in the elaboration of performance evaluation criteria of the employees
► Drawing up the Internal Regulation or advising on its drafting
► Consultancy for the elaboration of the collective labor contract at the unit level