Joining conditions

We are looking for entrepreneurs eager to launch a business in this field of activity, preferably holding or having had a profitable business for more than 3 years or having experience in human resources, as well as other recruitment and placement agencies who want to achieve performance in this area of activity.
The key to success is the ability of the entrepreneur to correctly implement the Operational Manual made available by the Franchiser. The Operational Manual has all the know-how and all the necessary work procedures for successfully launching and deploying the activity.
Financially, it is essential for the franchisee to have all the financial means necessary for entering the franchise network (depending on the franchise type chosen), for the initial investment plus the cash-flow necessary for covering the expenses of the first months of activity.
Your headquarters should be located in a town with more than 70.000 inhabitants, in a well known neighborhood, with easy access, ideally in an office building or an urban centre.
 To start the activity with a minimum of 5 employees, all of them with advanced English knowledge:
-          1 Secretary
-          2 Recruiting Consultants
-          1 Recruiting Coordinator
-          1 Marketing Specialist
To ensure confidentiality of information/materials received from the Franchiser, also by adding non-competition and confidentiality clauses within his own employee contracts.
The obligation for the entrepreneur to not be a share holder or administrator in another company in this field.
To possess the following material capacity:
- a minimum space of 40-60 m2, divided into 3-4 rooms (reception/waiting room, interview room, a room registering the candidates, marketing department room), equipped adequately with at least the following equipment: telephone exchange with call-center functionality, a minimum of 3 external lines, fax, static IP internet, PCs with Windows and Office license for all employees, copier with network printing function, scanner.
- Neon sign (if the space is not located in an office building).

To find out more about Banca de Joburi franchise, please fill in the  and we will contact you as soon as possible.