Job Fairs

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Periodically, Banca de Joburi organizes job fairs in the leading projects we want to promote. These take place both online and live, and are aimed at bringing candidates face to face with employers in an interview. Banca de Joburi has considerable experience in organizing and managing job fairs, with over 40 such events organized only in the last 4 years of activity.
Job fairs are a perfect opportunities for a first direct contact with a potential employer, learn more about it, its work and the jobs it proposes. We encourage all our candidates to bring with them a copy of their CV in the standard model proposed by Banca de Joburi, a copy of their identity card and references from previous employers, as far as they are available.
Up to now, attending organized job fairs was free for candidates, but depending on the project, there may be a modest dossier processing fee.
Among the services offered to candidates by the Job Bank in the job fairs are:
- promotion
- Organizing the meeting with employers
- time management
- programming of interview groups
- information sessions for candidates
- counseling during the interview
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