Services for candidates

NEW! Candidate emergency service
Free of charge

Are you already abroad? Are you looking for a stable job and your future plans are not yet real? We can help you with a quick and safe job, free of charge. 


Job mediation
Free of charge on most recruitment proiects

With a portfolio of +10.000 jobs abroad, Banca de Joburi mediated jobs quicly and legally. Most of our projects have ZERO fees. 


+10.000 jobs

Free of charge

Our portfolio includes +10.000 jobs abroad, in +120 areas and +20 countries. No matter when you are looking for a job, or your profile, we can offer you the best job. 



100% dedicated Recruiter
Free of charge

You will be working with a Recrutiter who is 100% dedicated to you. They will know your requirements, profile and potential. They understand what you want and act so that you get the perfect job. 


Career conselling and orientation
Free of charge

From our many projects, the Recruiter will present to you only the ones which truly touch on your needs. Also, you are offered specialized counselling so that you can make an advantageous and well informed decision. 


Free of charge 

We supply consultancy services regarding legislation in the country you are aiming for, and regarding real chances of employment in the desired field. 


CV Optimization

Free of charge

We have the necessary expertize to transform your CV so that it reflects exactly your strong points and stands out. 


Interview support
Free of charge

Your Recruiter supports you in preparing for the interview, so that when the time comes you are 100% ready to have an impeccable interview performance. 

Job fair organizing 
Free of charge 

We periodically organize job fairs during which you have the opportunity to meet your future employer. You can take part in presentations, ask questions and vizualize your future workplace. 

Success guaranteed
Free of charge

If in 3 months since completing your file we have not yet offered you a job, we return your registration fee (should you have paid any). 

Quality guaranteed 
Free of charge 

We offer free re-placement should your work contract not be complied with, and conflicts could not be solved in 15 days. This goes for all our projects. 

Support in dossier preparation
Free of charge

Leaving the country means preapring a set of absolutely necesary papers. We support you during this process so that your departure is smooth and you encounter no problems. 

Accommodation support
Free of charge

We offer full support in identifying accommodation on all projects, so that you know all relevant details from the beginning and can prepare your budget. 

Identifying international transport
Free of charge

Our specialized Ticketing department organizes for you all formalities of a pleasant, quick and efficient journey.

Final orientation before departure
Free of charge 

We pre-notify you regarding: 
- Abroad work legislation
- Rights and obligations 
- registering for certain authorities 
- Conflict mediation at work 
- Juridical options for your children 

Travel plan
Free of charge

We offer support in traveling from the airport to the accommodation site, by organizing pick-up or by a detailed public transport travel plan. 

Identifying local transport 
Free of charge 

We offer full information regarding transport from the accommodation to the work place. 



Post-placement support 

Free of charge 

We offer full support during work contracts to all those who ask for it, should those problems be based on a real reason. 

24/7 emergency number 
Free of charge 

We offer emergency assistance during all contracts so that all those working abroad have a non-stop available person for them.