Franchisee advantages

Best recruitment agency in Romania
1st place, Top Business several consecutive years
15+ years recruitment experience
25+ employees, in offices 
1.200+ signed partnerships with employers and recruitment agencies abroad 
60+ job fairs organized in the last 5 years 
120+ recruitment domains
legal employment schemes
10.000+ candidates placed in almost 20 countries 
we recruit and place on all career/ experience levels 
we recruit and place from all eligible age groups 
we recruit and place an average of 33% women, 67% men 
92% success rate in placing our candidates, 
out of which 80%+ choose to extend their contract
"Starting with 2001, the year Banca de Joburi was founded, we have planned to develop this company horizontally and vertically. This is how many bold ideas have emerged within Banca de Joburi® that revolutionized the labor market over time. There is a reason why we were appointed as the best recruitment agency in Romania. As road opener, we positioned ourselves in the market in this way and took our role seriously.
Franchising the business came naturally, as a strong desire for other entrepreneurs to start a turn-key business and offer the same quality services we have accustomed our clients with.
Why choose Banca de Joburi® franchise? The answer comes from your soul. If you have the inspiration and you can see the enormous potential of such a business, then you are the right person for us. (Bogdan F. - General Manager)"
Banca de Joburi® is a staffing agency based in Brasov, with an experience of over 15 years in offering staffing solutions for Romania and other countries.

Being one of the most active and long-lived recruitment and employment agencies in Romania, Banca de Joburi® is dedicated to constantly creating new legal opportunities for employment in the country and abroad.
We wish to create new legal solutions for recruiting, to educate the workforce and to give other entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from a successful turnkey business. Our wish is that every client, employee or employer will benefit from the same standard of quality in services as the ones offered by Banca de Joburi®.
We bring you this daring project after an experience of over 15 years in the recruiting industry.
Research on the labor market as well as on those carrying out this activity has urged us to want to add value to this activity and to show what excellence also means in this area.
Banca de Joburi® Franchise is based on an exclusive franchising concept. Aside from all legal obligations, we come to your help with unique solutions which will help you generate income even from the first month of activity.
The franchising package brings several benefits to the franchisee, offering the possibility to start a business without going through all the bumps specific to opening a new business. We offer our franchisees tested solutions which have been successfully implemented in our business.
The main advantages offered to the franchisees are linked to the possibility of launching with no delay a turnkey business in the human resources field. You can benefit from the know-how we have acquired in our over 16 years experience and from the complex workflow infrastructure in which we have invested hundreds of thousands of euro. 
Banca de Joburi® Franchise offers both existing recruiting agencies and newly set up ones by involved entrepreneurs the possibility to be integrated in a functional recruitment and staffing agency network, capable of offering complex and complete services in this field while still keeping the business independency.
The idea of launching Banca de Joburi® franchise also took the lead in creating for the future franchisees a package of undisputed benefits that would enable them to quickly develop their business and earn revenue from the first month of activity.
The concept is unique and we are proud it belongs to us.
Why do we name it a TURNKEY BUSINESS?
✔ We are conceding our Know-How, developed and tested in the over 15 years of experience. All the offered information, including written material, contains the necessary managerial, marketing, psychological and sales concepts. All explained short, clear, and simple.
✔ We offer you the right to evolve under Banca de Joburi® brand and we give you exact instructions on how to use it to your business’s advantage. You will be doing your work under a reputed brand and you will overcome the initial obstacles to identifying and secure customer loyalty.

✔ We offer you consultations with our specialists until the opening day (questions, explanations based on the materials handed out) at our headquarters or by phone, email, Skype conference.
✔ We offer you informational support in obtaining company accreditation papers.
✔ We offer you specific consultancy at the franchisee’s headquarters, when the company is operational (free of charge).
✔ We offer all needed materials for the activity.
✔ We offer you all juridical papers needed for the activity and juridical support in preparing papers for different situations and in the case of controls by state institutions.
✔ We provide the theoretical and practical training of the staff (free of charge for a minimum of 2 weeks).
✔ We provide periodical evaluation of the franchisee’s personnel.
✔ We provide training for the Franchise Management (free consultancy in order to start and deploy activity in the legal spirit governing employment agencies).
✔ We provide a professional website, with administration interface and integrated software platform (manage candidates, CVs, available jobs, moderation system with differentiated privileges for each employee, integrated invoicing system and payment tracking etc.).
✔ We provide all recruitment projects in the network so the Franchisee can have recruitment projects from the first day of activity.
✔ We offer you the right to initiate your own recruitment projects.
✔ We offer you continuous assistance throughout the franchise contract to improve performance, resolve legal issues, evaluate employee performance, correctly implement recruiting projects and periodical preparation of the staff.
✔ We periodically organize meeting sessions with all Franchisees in order to improve network performances, work manner, discuss new recruitment projects etc.
✔ We negotiate, in the name of the whole network, favorable advertisement packages.
✔ We periodically provide analyses, researches, surveys and prognoses in the HR field. We also offer juridical and technical assistance, work process optimization within franchised offices.
✔ You will be able to participate in the national and international meetings where Banca de Joburi participates.

To find out more about Banca de Joburi franchise, please fill in the and we will contact you as soon as possible.