Warehouse workers – Great Britain 2

ZERO registration and mediation fees * Start a new job free of charge
Weekly departures * No experience or qualification required

This is a self-employment program for unqualified labour and other similar positions.
This project is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced candidates looking to build a career in this area. For all selected staff, British companies offer professional training, before beginning work.
We recommend this program to all profiles regardless of their experience and qualification. Basically anyone who speaks English can obtain a job. It is one of the most accessible programs, which gives a quick job and low-cost departure.

In the UK anyone wishing to begin work on their own (self-employed), based on a contract with the beneficiary of their services, has the right to do so. It is the candidate’s responsibility, after establishing a contractual relationship, to apply for NINO (National Insurance Number), based on which they can pay their legal contributions to the British state. Candidates are entitled to work full-time, as stated in the contract between them and the British company.

- Weekly departures
- Quick departures, usually after 1 week since registration
- Earnings begin at 7.38- GBP/ hour (for candidates under 25 years old) and 7.83 GBP/ hour (for candidates over 25 years old)
- Usually, minimum 37.5 working hours/ week, but normally 60-70 working hours/ week which amounts to a substantial monthly earning
- All candidates enjoy free training, a few days before beginning work
- Couples are welcome, which means that earnings can be doubled
- ZERO registration and mediation fee
- Candidates over 55 years old may be accepted

- Storing goods
- Comparatively checking goods and stocks
- Moving goods and products in the warehouse
- Signing delivery papers
- Recording broken goods
- Selecting and packaging goods for delivery
- Loading and unloading goods
- Checking loading and unloading areas
- Keeping warehouse clean
- Maintaining activity for all warehouse staff
- Loading and unloading tasks of various goods to be used in the warehouse
- Handling goods according to instructions from Managers, without damages

Position, job title or profession

Warehouse worker/ Warehouse operative
Services beneficiary

Various UK companies which have available unskilled positions in the warehouse sector

Training is mandatory for all selected staff
Length of training
Between 2 and 5 days, depending on each candidate’s ability to learn. During training candidates are not paid. At the end of the training period all workers attend an evaluation test, which is mandatory.
Training attendance
Training attendance is mandatory. Training is free of charge.
Working legal base
It is the candidate’s responsibility, after establishing a contractual relationship with the UK company, to apply to British institutions for obtaining NINO (National Insurance Number), based on which they can pay their contractual contributions to the British state.
Candidates are entitled to work full time, as stipulated in the contract between them and the British company.
Both men and women may be accepted
Couples are accepted
Between 18-55 years old.
Candidates over 55 years old may be accepted depending on their CV and prior approval from British companies.
Good attitude, hard working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental shape, good communicators, organized, with no health problems.
Marital status
Both married and single/ divorced candidates may be accepted
Not required, but experienced candidates may have an advantage during selection
Not required, but qualified candidates may have an advantage during selection
English level
Conversational level, minimum 6 on a 1 to 10 scale
Other requested languages

No other foreign languages required
Driver’s licence
Not required, but owning a drivers licence and experience is an advantage during selection
Hourly salary, monthly salary and dates of payment
Since this is a self-employment contract, earnings consists of hourly rates over number of worked hours.
Gross earning is 7.83 GBP/ hour (for candidates older than 25 years old) and 7.38 GBP/ hour (for candidates younger than 25 years old).
Earnings are paid weekly, but first earning is paid at the end of the second week of work.
Usually, British companies pay earnings in the bank account opened in the candidate’s name at a British bank, but they can also pay in cash until the worker opens the bank account.
Working time and resting time
- Minimum 37.5 working hours/ week, maximum 60 working hours/ week, as an annual average; some weeks may have more or less hours
- 5-6 working days/ week
- 1-2 days off/ week
Working days and off days are established by mutual accord with the candidate, through their contract with the UK company.
Nature and length of contract
The contract is self-employed.
The duration of the contract is usually 12 months, but this can be prolonged by mutual accord by both parties.
Transport ticket (home country – UK)
British companies/ beneficiaries usually do not cover transport/ plane ticket costs. There can be exceptions though where ticket is paid by beneficiary.  
Pre-identified and made available by a real estate broker for candidates which do not have the opportunity to rent a house in the UK, but this is not part of the contractual relationship between parties.
Candidates must secure accommodation within the city they will be working in before beginning work. Candidates will pay for services provided by real estate brokers. Broker fee is usually between 50 and 300 GBP.
Company makes available for candidates accommodation with several rooms, which can be equipped with 1-2 beds depending on room size. Kitchen and bathrooms are shared by those living in the same accommodation unit. 
Price of a bed is between 55 and 75 GBP/ week, which includes energy bills and heating. Accommodation for first 1-4 weeks is to be paid in advance by the worker upon arriving at accommodation. Also, the worker pays a renting deposit between 75 and 150 GBP, to be returned at the end of the renting period if the candidate has not brought material damages to the accommodation.
Meals are not offered by company/ beneficiary
Local transport
Local transport is paid by worker and is around 6 GBP/ day to/ from work. This can be paid daily by worker, or pre-paid by company and deducted from worker’s earnings.
Work, protection and security conditions
Candidate must follow and obey internal regulations as established and instructed by company, with the purpose of fulfilling their contract. Work conditions are normal, safety and security measures are communicated during first day by the company. Work is done in warehouses, in normal working conditions, utilizing various goods handling equipment.
Necessary documents as requested by beneficiary for candidate evaluation
- CV in English + smiling photo
- 1 passport photo
- 1 full body photo, size 9/13, office attire
- Copy of passport/ ID
- Birth certificate in original
- Copy of last studies diploma
- Clean criminal record
- Clean medical record
- Copy of qualification papers (if such documents exist)
- 2 recommendations, in original, in English, from previous employers
- Details of UK bank account (if such bank account exists)
- Copy of NINO (if such number exists)
Evaluation and processing fee
550 RON (VAT included), to be paid at the time of signing the mediation contract
Promotion: ZERO evaluation and processing fee! 
Mediation fee
ZERO mediation fee
For details and appointments contact our Recruitment consultants at 0040 376 444 555.

We wish you the best of luck!