Tourism/ HoReCa - Greece & Cyprus 2

This program is part of the “Leave now, pay later” promotion

This is a work program which gives candidates the possibility to be employed by Greek/ Cypriot campnaies in the HoReCa field (hotels – restaurants – catering). Our agency collaborates with companies from Greece & Cyprus which offer positions in this field, meaning that positions are located all over the countries’ territories. Before leaving the country, upon signing the employment contract with their employer, candidates will know the exact location of their destination.
This program is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced persons who are interested in a career in the HoReCa industry.

In Greece/ Cyprus any EU candidate has the right to work in this area, without any prior approval.

- Quick and safe departures
- Free meals and accommodation
- Social insurances paid by the employer
- Salaries between 450-600 EUR net, very good tips, paid overtime, which means that earnings can be as high as 700-800 EUR net
- Jobs in luxury, 4-5* hotels and restaurants, gaining professional international experience valuable for future employers
- Positions for both experienced and inexperienced candidates
- Couples are welcome, with the possibility to work in the same place. Accommodation is separate.
- 24/7 support after placement
- Free time becomes a dream holiday
- Evaluation fee may be paid from the first salary

Position, job title or profession
Assistant waiters
Assistant chefs
General hotel staff: Dishwashers, Launders, Gardeners, Pool boys/ Pool assistants, Maintenance workers etc
Bell hops/ Commissionaires
Spa staff: Beauticians, Masseurs
Security guards
Receptionists, Hotesses
... and any other relevant position from this industry
Various employers from Greece/ Cyprus which have available positions in the HoReCa sector
All employees receive training at the workplace, according to the employer’s quality standards. Candidates receive continual training at the workplace throughout their contract.
Number of available positions
Minimum 300 positions for the summer season of the current year. Most available positions are for: Waiters, Assistant chefs, Dishwashers, Chambermaids
Candidates may work anywhere in Greece/ Cyprus, as per employer’s business needs. Upon registration candidates must be prepared and agree to work in any location. 
Good attitude, hard working, friendly, in good physical and mental shape, with no health problems
Marital status
Both married and single/ divorced candidates may be accepted
Some employers request experience for the positions, and some do not. Candidates with relevant experience have an advantage during selection.
Not required, but it is an advantage during selection
English level
Chambermaids are not requested to speak English.
Receptionists, Hostesses, Bell hops, Assistant Waiters, Bartenders, Chefs and Spa staff must speak level 8 English, on a scale from 1 to 10.
General hotel staff, Security guards, Assistant chefs, Poll/ beach boys must speak level 6 English, on a scale from 1 to 10.  
Other foreign languages
Not required, but Greek, German and Russian-speaking candidates have an advantage during selection
Driver’s licence
Not required but it is an advantage during selection
Hourly/ monthly salary and pay dates
Between 450 and 600 EUR/ month net, depending on the employer, candidate profile and position
Salary is paid monthly (payment dates to be set by each employer), via bank transfer. Employers assists employee in opening a bank account in Greece/ Cyprus
- Free meals
- Free accommodation
Overtime paid at normal rates.
Each employer sets overtime according to business needs.
Salary increases
Not applicable to seasonal work
Cases in which the employee’s payment rights can be pursued
In all salary related cases, the candidate may contact empowered Greek/ Cypriot institutions.
Employer may deduct from employee’s salary amount of prejudice, when material damages have been made by employee. If candidate brings considerable material damages, employer has the right to pursue employee in court for recovering full damage.
Working hours and resting hours
8-9 working hours/ day
6-7 working days/ month
0-1 resting days/ week
Working/ resting days are agreed with employer through the employment contract
Nature and length of contract
Employment contract, full time, determined period (seasonal).
Duration for contract: 3-12 months
Contract may be extended for next season.
Transport ticket (home country – Greece/ Cyprus)

Transport costs to/ from Greece/ Cyprus are covered by the employee.

Is offered free of charge.
Accommodation is in staff rooms inside the hotel or in apartments close to the hotel, 3-4 persons/ room.
Is offered free of charge, 2-3 meals/ day
Local transport
Not offered
Social insurances
Employee has the right to pension, maternal benefits and – if such is the case – unemployment benefits, according to Greek/ Cypriot law
Health insurances
Employee must own a private medical insurance or EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
Sick leave
According to Greek/ Cypriot law
Length, procedure and payment rights for vacation

According to Greek/ Cypriot law
Work, protection and security conditions
Employee must respect and observe interior regulations as established by the employer.
Work conditions are normal, and safety and security measures are communicated during training done at the work place.
Employer insures correct work conditions, protection and work security measures before beginning work. Work is done in very good quality and hygiene conditions, in both day and night shifts.  
Financial compensations for accidents, illness, occupational diseases or death 

Employer offers basic compensations as per Greek/ Cypriot law
Duties, taxes and contributions due by employees
Employer pays contributions according to Greek/ Cypriot law. Duties and taxes are deducted from the employee’s gross salary and paid by employer.
Necessary documents as requested by employer for candidate evaluation
- CV in English + smiling photo
- 1 passport photo
- 1 full body photo, size 9/13, office attire
- Passport/ ID copy
- Birth certificate, in original + translated and legalized in English
- Copy of last studies diploma/ Qualification papers (if such documents exists)
- Clean criminal record
- Clean medical record
- Details of bank account, if candidate already owns Greek/ Cypriot bank account
- 2 recommendations, in original, in English, from previous employers


For details and appointments contact our Recruitment consultants at 0040 376 444 555.

We wish you the best of luck!