Eldercare - Italy with employment contract


- Quick departure
- Accommodation and free food
- You start work right away
- Free pick-up from the airport
- The chance to improve your Italian language level
- ZERO registration and mediation rates
- 13th salary, 26 days of paid leave / year
- Women, men and couples are accepted


- Tasks: elderly care at home and light housework
- Individual employment contract
- Minimum 852.48 EUR - 966.15 EUR / month gross
- 54 hours / week, depending on daily requirements
- 1 day half-free / week, agreed with the employer
- Contract for indefinite period


- 18-55 years old. Candidates over the age of 55 may be accepted but it depends on their resume and prior approval from employers
- Professional experience or qualification is not required
- It is necessary to know the Italian language at a minimum conversational level (A1-A2)
- Seriousness
- Ability to (self) organize
- Communicative
- Desire to work
- Good general medical condition


- Plane ticket
- Pocket money
- ZERO mediation Fee

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Position, job title or profession
- Eldercare (badante).
- Personal cleaning and / or nursing / social care
It is the person who assists and cares for children / elders in the families of Italy.
The agency will mediate the signing of employment contracts between candidates and various families in Italy that provide job vacancies in the field of health care / social care or cleanliness and support services as caregivers / elderly / badanta / personal carers in Italy.
Number of available vacancies
20 vacancies available all year round.
Anywhere on the territory of Italy, depending on the location of the employer / family.
We accept people with good attitude, hard workers, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental condition, with good communication skills, organized and who do not have any health problems
Civil status
Married, not married/ divorced persons are eligible
Professional experience is not required, but experienced candidates have an advantage in selection.
Qualification not required, but qualified candidates have an advantage during selection
Required language
Knowledge of Italian is required at a minimum conversational level.
Other foreign languages
Knowledge of other foreign languages is not required, but they may be an advantage
Driver’s license
It is not required to have a driving license, but it is an advantage.
Hourly salary, monthly salary and payment dates
- Minimum 852,48 EUR gross / month BS level and 966,15 EUR gross / month CS level

* BS= employees who assist self-sufficient people; CS= employees who assist non-self-sufficient persons (eg bed, wheelchair, etc.)
- The salary is paid monthly, usually in the bank account opened by the candidate in his name, at a bank in Italy, or in cash.
- The candidate has the possibility to transfer the winnings obtained by bank transfer to a Romanian account.
Working time and resting time
- Usually 54 hours / week
- Usually 6 days / week
- Usually 1 day free half / week
These working and / or free days are agreed between the candidate / employee and the employer, through the employment contract.
Nature and length of contract
The nature of the contract is: a full-time individual employment contract.
Contract period: undetermined.
The trial period of at least 8 days of actual work.
Conditions of employment, termination of employment or re-employment will be stipulated in the job offer / employment contract / terms and conditions of employment.
Transport ticket (home country – Italy)
The cost of transport to Italy is entirely borne by the employee.
Airport pick-up: In most cases, airport pick-up will be available free of charge to arriving staff.
The employee cannot be accompanied by family members, other friends, or other people not contracted by the Host Family.
Accommodation is offered free of charge by the employer in Italy.
1 person / room.
3 meals / day free of charge
Local transport
Local transport is not available because the accommodation and workplace are in the same place.
Work conditions, protection and security
The employee must follow and comply with the internal rules and regulations set by the employing family, as instructed by the employer, in order to fulfill the subject matter of the employment contract.
Working conditions are normal, and occupational safety and security measures are communicated on the first working day by the employing family.
They work in the family home, in very good quality and hygiene conditions, in shifts, both day and night, when appropriate.
Documents needed by companies for candidate evaluation
- CV in Italian + smiling photo
- 1 Passport type photo
- 1 Full body photo, size 9/13, office attire
- Passport/ ID copy
- Birth certificate, in original
- Copy of last studies diploma
- Clean criminal record
- Clean medical record
- Copy of work history register (if such document exists)
- Copy of qualification papers (if such document exists)
- Evidence issued by the Ministry of Interior showing that there is no legal interdiction to leave the town or other limitations of the exercise of the right to free movement outside the country
- 2 recommendations in original, in Italian, from previous employers
Registration fee
Mediation fee