Childcare (Au Pair governmental program) - Great Britain 2

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This is a governmental exchange program offering young Europeans the opportunity to spend up to 24 months in the UK at a host family, with free meals and accommodation, in exchange to help offered with raising the family’s children. Au Pairs receive remuneration from the host family and have the opportunity to attend English learning/ perfecting courses at various learning institutions from the area they will be residing in.
An Au Pair is a young person up to 27 years in age, single and without children. Childcare experience is not mandatory and those who apply are usually high school or college graduates, as this way they can begin working in the UK only 2 weeks after registration, with little responsibilities and saving a consistent sum of money.
Main responsibilities include caring for the children, taking them to school/ kindergarten, feeding, playwith with them and also light housework such as dusting, vacuuming etc.

In the UK any person wishing to work in childcare, based on a contract between them and a host family, can do so. Candidates are entitled to have a second job in another field of activity, if time allows this, as part of the European citizen status, as stated by immigration laws in Great Britain.

- Easy to access by any candidate wishing for a quick, easy departure, with limited responsibilities
- Light and easy work
- Almost full earnings can be saved as meals and accommodation are offered free by the host family
- Between 5-10 working hours/ day
- Earnings between 100-180 GBP/ week
- This program offers young and inexperienced young people the chance to work for British families in childcare, as this age segment is very affected by the lack of jobs
- This program is an opportunity for those wishing to work in UK for the long term and start a career. Candidates can continue work on the UK at the end of their contract, in any area they wish for.
- Great opportunity for perfecting their English level, both with the host family, as by participating in specialized language courses accredited by Oxford or Cambridge
- It is an amazing life experience which offers candidates the chance to familiarize themselves with the cultural atmosphere of Great Britain and the area they will be living in, all the while acting as a “big brother” to the family’s children
- Make money without having the status of an employee, but of a family member. Candidates are accommodated in a separate room with all needed comfort. Also, they eat with the family and enjoy medical insurance covered by the family. In many cases the Au Pair joins the family on holidays, giving them the chance to visit other countries during the family’s holiday.
- Minimum 14 vacation days/ year
- 12-24 months contract
- ZERO registration and mediation fee

Position, job title or profession

Nanny/ Baby-Sitter/ Au Pair
Host family
Agency places candidates at one of the Host families with open childcare positions
Duration of Au Pair exchange contract

Maximum 24 months
Location of contract
Candidates can work anywhere within the UK, but most positions are located around London, Devon, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool etc.
Women are accepted, very rarely men
Couples are rarely accepted in this program
Accepted age
Minimum age is 18, maximum age is 27 years old (inclusively), as imposed by the British government
Good attitude, hard working, serious, friendly, in good physical and mental shape
Marital status
Only single candidates
Childcare experience
Not mandatory, but experienced candidates have an advantage upon selection
Not mandatory, but qualified candidates and those who took profile courses have an advantage upon selection
English level
Minimum 5 level on a scale from 1 to 10. Candidates with a lower than 5 level are accepted only after being approved by the host family
Other foreign languages

Not required, but they may be an advantage
Driver’s licence
Not required, but it may be an advantage
Hourly/ monthly salary and pay dates
Minimum earnings for an Au Pair start at 100 GBP/ week and can get to up to 180 GBP/ week, depending on candidate profile. Earnings are paid weekly.
Host family usually pay earnings in a bank account opened in the Au Pair’s name at a British bank.
Au Pair may transfer their earnings via bank transfer to a bank account from their home country.
Earnings are considered pocket money since meals and accommodation are free of charge.
Working/ off days
- Minimum 25 working hours/ week
- 6 working days/ week
- 1 day off/ week
Nature and length of contract
Cultural exchange contract.
Contracts are usually for 12 months, but no longer than 24 months.
Transport ticket
(home country - U.K.- home country)

Host family does not cover cost of travel expenses/ plane ticket
Offered by the host family, in a separate room, free of charge
Offered by the host family, free of charge
Local transport
Not offered, as workplace and accommodation are in the same place
Length, procedure and payment rights for vacation

Minimum 14 working days off, according to the cultural exchange contract
Work, protection and security conditions
Candidate must meet and observe normal rules and regulations as established and instructed by the host family
Working conditions are normal, and security and protection measures are communicated during the first day of work by the host family.
Cultural exchange happens in the host family’s home, in very good hygiene and quality conditions, both in day and night shifts.
Necessary documents as requested by Host family for candidate evaluation
- CV in English + smiling photo + Au Pair application
- 1 passport photo
- 1 full body photo, size 9/13, office attire
- Photos of children formerly supervised/ cared for
- Passport/ ID copy
- Birth certificate in original + translated and legalized in English
- Copy of last studies diploma
- Clean criminal record
- Clean medical record
- Copy of qualification papers (if such documents exists)
- 2 recommendations, in original, from previous employers
- Dear family letter
Eligibility evaluation fee

ZERO evaluation fee
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Mediation fee
ZERO mediation fee
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