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Our agency collaborates with numerous French companies looking for staff in the meat processing industry, so positions are anywhere on French territory. Before leaving the country for work, candidates are informed of the exact location through their contract.

All subscribed candidates receive work contracts from French companies from this sector.

- Employment contract for minimum 6 months, extendible up to 24 months
- The salary is 10.06-10.44 EUR / hour gross  + plus 10% monthly bonus (in the first two weeks the hourly rate will be 9.79 EUR / hour gross )
- Night hours (if applicable) are paid in addition 10% over normal rates
- Additional hours paid 25-50% more than normal
- At the end of the contract, you will receive a 10% premium from your monthly salary (eg if you worked for 18 months you will receive 1,800 EUR x 18 months x 10% = 3,240 EUR)
- Accommodation is deducted from winnings, so you do not have to have pocket money for you
- There is no need for English or French
- Ultra-fast departures
- Airport pick up
- Social and medical insurance paid by the Employer
- Paid training for 2-5 days

Position, job title or profession
Pork/ beef butcher
Sacrifice/ evisceration operator
Sausages production operator
Deboning operator for various animals (pork, beef, calf, lamb)
Working legal base
6 months employment contract, can be extended
Various companies looking for staff in the meat processing industry
Training duration
After candidate arrival at the workplace training takes place, 2-5 days, before beginning work. Employees are paid during training.
All candidates must take part in the theoretical and practical training which is mandatory in order to begin with through the employment contract.
All candidates are instructed according to international standards, in various practical areas from the food industry such as:
- Health and safety
- Risk evaluation
- Theory, practice and evaluation in handling goods and livestock
- Risks of alcohol consumption and cigarettes
... etc.
Training attendance
Training attendance is mandatory
Accommodation during training
Training is organized at every work unit before beginning work. During training employee is accommodated at the pre-identified accommodation
Training fee
Training is offered free of charge to all employees
Any EU citizen
Number of available positions
- 15-30 Pork deboners/ month
- 15-30 Pork sacrifice/ Evisceration operator/ month
- 15-30 Beef deboners/ month
- 15-30 Beef sacrifice/ Evisceration operator/ month 
- 15-30 Sausage production operators/ month
- 15-30 Deboning operators for multi kinds of animals (beef/ veal/ pork/ lamb/ month)
Period for recruitment
Recruitment is done throughout the year
Employees may work anywhere in France
Only men are accepted in this program
Couples are not accepted in this program
Between 18-45 years old.
Candidates older than 45 years old may be accepted depending on their CV and prior approval from employing companies.
Good attitude, pleasant personality, hard working, good executor, serious person, in good physical shape
Marital status
Both married and single/ divorced candidates may be accepted
Minimum 2 years previous experience on a similar position. Experience must be recent, from last 3-4 years.  
Owning a diploma or specialization could be an advantage for being selected
English level
Not required
Other foreign languages
Not required
Driver’s licence
Not required
Hourly/ monthly salary and pay dates
9.79 EUR / hour gross  in the first 2 weeks after which the earnings increase to 10.06-10.44 EUR / hour gross  depending on location and profile. The night hours (if any) are paid 10% more than the normal hourly rate.
The salary is paid monthly by bank transfer until the 10th of the following month (eg: for the hours worked in January, the employee is paid until February 10th). The employee receives assistance in opening a bank account in France if he does not already have one.

Employees receive a 10% precarity bonus from their salary. According to French law this is paid at the end of their contract.
For example if an employee works for 6 months and his contract is extended by 12 months, at the end of the second contract he receives a 10% bonus from all 18 months of work (18 months x 1.800 gross x 10% = 3.240 EUR).
Available and paid extra compared to normal hourly rates
Not applicable
Salary increases
Employee has access to a salary raise after 6 months of work
Cases in which the employee’s payment rights can be pursued
In all salary related cases, the candidate may contact empowered French institutions.
Employer may deduct from employee’s salary amount of prejudice, when material damages have been made by employee. If candidate brings considerable material damages, employer has the right to pursue employee in court for recovering full damage.
Working/ resting time
Usually 35 working hours/ week
Minimum 150 working hours/ month
5 working days/ week
2 resting days/ week
Nature and length of contract
Employment contract.
6 months contract, for candidates who successfully pass training. Contract can be extended for maximum 18 months.
Transport ticket (home country – France – home country)
Transport costs are covered by the candidate.
Usually, companies offer airport pick-up (paid by candidate) but there are situations when this option is not available.
Employer offers accommodation in rooms of 1-2 people, 3-4 people/ apartment. Rent is 200 EUR/ month and is paid by the candidate. Accommodation costs are automatically deducted from salary.
Candidates must procure and pay for own meals
Local transport
Company offers car for local transport, in groups of 4-5 persons. Car expenses (gas, road taxes etc) are paid by employees.
Company also offers access to bus schedule and routes
Social insurance
Paid by employer from gross earnings
Health insurance
Employee has access to health insurance through his contract
Sick leave
During contract employee has access to sick leave. If he cannot work due to illness or injuries, he will be paid for off days (if he can bring a note from the hospital).
Length, procedure and payment rights for vacation
As employees are temporary work force, according to French law they are not entitled to paid vacation. In exchange, they receive a monthly 10% bonus to their salary.
Work, protection and security conditions
The candidate must follow and comply with the internal rules and regulations set by the employer as instructed by him in order to fulfill the subject matter of the employment contract.
Working conditions are normal, and occupational safety and security measures are communicated on the first working day by the employer.
They work under normal working conditions, using various meat cutting equipment.
Financial compensations for accidents, illness, occupational diseases or death

In such cases compensations are covered by employee’s individual private medical insurance
Duties, taxes and contributions due by employees

The employer pays the Employee the taxes and salaries resulting from the salary, as provided by the applicable law in France. Contributions to social insurance are paid by the employer according to the legislation in force in France.
Contributions to social security are deducted from the employee's gross salary and paid by the Employer, ensuring that double taxation or double collection of social security contributions is avoided.
Necessary documents as requested by employer for candidate evaluation
Filled in online experience form
CV + smiling photo + full body photo
Driver’s licence  (if such document exists)
Other relevant documents (diplomas, references etc)
Eligibility evaluation fee
550 RON (VAT included), to be paid at the time of registration/ signing mediation contract
ZERO eligibility evaluation fee
This promotion is available until the end of the current month 
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Mediation fee
ZERO mediation fee
Other expenses
- Travel costs to France
- Minimum 200 EUR pocket money, until first earning
For details and appointments contact our Recruitment consultants at 0040 376 444 555.

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